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Vellai Pookal ..

Absolut beauty

“A thing of beauty is joy forever” – John Keats

Photographed using Canon Powershot IS2. How I wish I had a macro and wider f-stop lens with me now. I Just love the DOF.

Update : It’s one of my photograph.

On Illayaraja


“Today, no other artiste personifies the popularity of film music as does Illayaraja..

What sets apart Illayaja is his grasp pf the role in cinema.Very few music directors, with the possible exception of L.Vaidyanathan and Salil Chowdhry, have demonstrated an understanding of the medium of cinema and the role of musical score in the narrative.”

S.Theodore Baskaran in Outlook.

Evolutionary trait

Ever wondered why most of humans (esp. males) spit while answering the all important nature call?

According to one idea/theory early humans used to answer the nature’s call near the bushes and shrubs, inside which danger lurked in the form of snakes and other reptiles which caused enormous damage to humans.

So as line first defense humans checked for the presence of these reptiles by spitting in the bush and making sure the place is safe to urinate. This ritual is embedded in humans and they religiously follow it even if it had any relevance today! 

True Knowledge


To know that we know what we know and to know that we do not know what we do not know, That is true knowledge.

Copernicus { Polish Astronomer 1473 – 1543 }

No more a beautiful game

Football is no more a beautiful game. As these matches between Protugal/Netherlands and Australia/Italy proves the point. Italy’s Fabio Grosso made the game look very ugly.

Italy cheated Socceroos to get into quarter finals. My heart goes for socceroos. I owe not to see rest of football matches anymore. One thing to note here is that all the crucial calls went in favour of the big teams. Read more here.

War numbers


Quackery is rising in Indian television. Availability of air waves for a price has made every quack to use the media to the max and con innocent people. As one can see today there are plenty of shows which promise you the path of happiness, health and wealth.  These programs are beamed in all languages sometimes awfully dubbed!

  • Numbers 1 and 9 are war numbers.

  • Those who fall under 1 & 9 set keep authority and respect from subordinates

  • Name and numbers should be in the same vibration.

  • When they are in same vibration they will be centre of attraction and they become magnets

  • They will have administrative capacity at peak; they can easily control up to 3000 people.

  • They do not prefer short door entries

  • Persons who have their name and number that are not in same vibration they will become Pettai Rowdy

Page 3 Scientist ?

It was a surprise for me to read this about Faraday. Till now I had a prejudice that all scientists are media shy and shun publicity. I am going to change that from now on.


Faraday was “well aware that pictures could provide powerful propaganda” In portraits for books, newspapers and portrait cards he adopted seemingly nonchalant poses that would make him look like a solid, honest and practical person to whom genius came easily.

That brings to my question why Page 3 persons are generally considered dumb ?

Digression: You can download Phillip Lenssen’s book “55 Ways to have fun with Google” here.


Thru Lens


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