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Code as poetry

"Kavidhai variyin is suvai, artham puriyum varai" – Vairamuthu

I can't more agree with Vairamuthu, you can enjoy the poetry till you can make sense of it. I think the same holds true for programmers code. The following code is a snapshot from EFY's software section. Check out if it makes sense or not.

C code snippet from EFY:



struct time t;

int a,b,c,e=0,f=0,g=0,h=0,m=25,x,y,z=0,button;






a = a-12;




a = 12;








The code is absolut beauty as it satisfies Vairamuthu's rule!

Now how far can one take metaphor in software development. Check this out. Its from General Magic.

The ultimate desktop!



Recently there is some problem in my television and it’s remote. Now I don’t know if the problem is at remote control or in the TV. I do not have access to similar TV or remote control. If I had access to additional TV or remote then the problem is easy to solve.

Now, how does one find the source of problem when there is only one set of television and remote control? Is it possible to find the defective device with this setup or not?

Please give me all the possible solution to this problem.

A million dollar prize

I am wondering why all our geniuses are not claiming the one million dollar prize from Randi ?

Few of the geniuses whom I remember are Dr. Sathyamurthy for bringing us the benefits of energy treatment, Dr. Lakshmi Jayaswaroopa for wonderful insight into nameology and numerology, Dr. Sivaraj for traditional siddha knowledge and others who make their presence felt in idiot box every day and thanks to them for making my day a humorous one.  

And finally who said that software engineering is boring ? Check the latest software paradigm shift here. Have fun!


Amithab Bachan : " Mere pass IIT ki PG degree hai, IIM (A) ka MBA hai, Thumhare paas kyaa hai haa ??"

Rishi Kapoor : "Mere paas Reservation hai.."

I think people should learn to celebrate competition.

Windows Vista


Microsoft's new operating system Vista comes with the following features. Ironically I and many of us have already used to these nifty things thanks to Google.

  • Windows sidebar
  • World clock
  • Feed Viewer
  • Slideshow
  • Launcher
  • Windows media player 11
  • Internet explorer 7
  • Outlook express
  • Windows defender
  • Welcome center
  • Photogallery
  • Windows calendar
  • Windows Movie maker
  • Windows Firewall
  • Windows Fax and scan
  • Windows Collaboration
  • Windows easy transfer
  • Connect to network projector
  • Sync center
  • Windows DVD maker
  • Memory diagnostics
  • Task scheduler
  • Enhanced control center

The interface is real eye candy and it's nifty work but for the timebeing I am happy with my Windows 2000 and Google desktop. What's your say ? Will you move towards Vista ?


Photo taken at Murugan kovil Ulsoor, Bangalore.

Camera : Fuji FinePix S5600 , Focal length : 44.9mm, 35mm equivalent : 277mm, Exposure time : 1/160s, Apertature : f/4.0, Metering mode : Matrix


All these days I have been blogging on Blogger. Now I think must shift to WordPress. To move or not to move, is the question that I am facing now!


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